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Questions & Answers

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our products which should assist with your selection process. 

Q.  What are the benefits of House of Troy's LED-Z light source?

  • No UV or IR to harm your artwork.
  • Line Voltage, standard plug may be used in a recessed outlet.
  • Dimmable to 5% with standard dimmer.
  • Diffused for even light spread.
  • 2700K, 90+CRI.
  • 50,000 hour lifetime, 5 year warranty.

Q.  What is your product warranty?

A.  House of Troy lighting products are guaranteed against defects in manufacturing for two years from the date of purchase. Contact your dealer and provide proof of purchase to arrange repair or replacement.

Q.  What is the best way to care for my House of Troy product?

A.  The metal and glass components of House of Troy products should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. Please refrain from using soaps or glass cleaners as some of their ingredients may damage the glass or metal finish.

Q.  How do you measure the extension of a swing arm? 

Q.  How are lamp shades dimensioned in the catalog? 

A.  Top × Bottom × Side (slant). 

Q.  How do you measure the height of a Desk/Piano Lamp? 

Q.  What size picture light should I use? 

A.  Measure the width of the image and use a Classic picture light approximately one half the size, or a Slim-line picture light approximately two thirds the size of the image. 

Q.  Can I modify a cord length and add a polarized plug? 

A.  Yes. We offer a UL approved snap-on-plug that can be attached to any standard UL approved SPT-2 cord. Instructions are included with plug. 

Q.  Is there a way to eliminate seeing the cord? 

  • Install a recessed outlet (sometimes called a “clock outlet”) behind the artwork. 

  • Use a Cord Cover. 
  • Paint the cord to match the wall color. 
  • Place furniture, plants or other décor to hide cord.

Q.  How do you install a picture light? 

A.  All House of Troy picture lights come with mounting hardware and may be attached to either the picture frame or the wall. The only tools necessary are a screw driver and something to start a screw-hole, such as a small nail or awl. 

Q.  How do you install a Slim-line Picture Light? 

A.  Snap the Picture Light arms into the Mounting Brackets. This will take a bit of force, but will not damage the arms. Slide the arms up or down to attain the desired shade location in relation to the frame.